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Nozdrachev A.F. Institute of Rotation in the System of State Civil Service

Doronina N.G., Semilyutina N.G. Legal Problems of e-Commerce Within the International Financial Market

Dedov D.I., Hajiyev Kh.I., Cherenkova V.S. First Advisory Opinions Under Protocol No. 16 to the European Convention on Human Rights

Lukyanova V.Yu., Pavlushkin A.V. New Legal Technologies in the States Participating in the Eurasian Economic Union

Magyar B., Madlovics B. Criminal State and the Criminal Ecosystem: New Aspects for Empirical Corruption Research

Sakovich O.M. Legislative Regulation of Electronic Transactions in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

Seredenko S.N. Doctrine of Public Legal Entities in the Estonian Republic

Shaikhutdinova A.I. Group (Collective) Suits in Civil Proceedings of Russia and Brazil: Comparative Legal Study

Peshin N.L. Status and Jurisdiction of the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne

Krysenkova N.B., Chursina T.I. Legal Regulation of Genetic Researches in Foreign Countries

Prelić M. Legal Analysis of the New Legislative Initiative Regarding Religious Communities in Montenegro

Bocharnikova M.A. Review of the Annual Conference of ILCL Postgraduate Students and Young Scientists “Law And Departmental Rulemaking”

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